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Couples Heart Connection Necklace - Limited Edition

  • These interlocking sterling silver couples necklaces feature a small hammered heart that completes a hammered guitar pick that was hand-crafted with a custom hand-sawed heart notch along the edge and given a dark rustic patina to balance the contrast of the silver coloured heart with a Ying Yang energy
  • Cut from 18 gauge sterling silver, the heart measures about Ā½ inch and a hammered honeycomb finish provides an eye catching texture along with an artisan touch to separate this hand-crafted heart from ordinary factory produced jewelry.
  • Measuring 1.3 inches in length by 1.2 inches wide, the guitar pick is similar in size and geometry to larger plastic picks and was cut from the same matching 18 gauge (1 mm) sterling silver.
  • Hand-filed edges long with smooth surfaces allow for a smooth glide should you decided to use the pick on a guitar.
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  • 100% Quality Guaranteed
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